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Minggu, 26 Maret 2017

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University - Stony Brook University was established in 1957, this college is one of four open examination college situated in Long Island Sound, New York, United States.

Stony Brook University

Furthermore, there are additionally a few schools, including schools of Dentistry, Health Management and tenologi, Journalism, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Professional Development and Social Welfare. The most mainstream majors offered incorporate, Biology, Business Management, Computer Science, Economics, English, Health Sciences, History, Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology.

The most mainstream field of learn at this college is the field of investigation of brain science, science, wellbeing sciences and business administration.

The college has won numerous honors through developments and licenses that have been completed by its individuals. One pleased accomplishment is the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2003, on “Attractive Resonance Imaging”.

With the mascot, the Seawolf, Stony Brook University games groups rival different members in the opposition of the NCAA Division I Athletics. There was additionally the yearly occasion is constantly held at this college, the Roth Pond Regatta.

There is additionally a yearly occasion that is dependably avidly anticipated by understudies at the college in every spring, the Strawberry Fest, which at this festival, the college understudies assembled in the Academic Mall, and welcome to do what you like, for example, moving, playing music, and so forth.

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